What is PTE & Why is it Important

What is PTE & Why is it Important


If you want to study abroad but cannot clear the IELTS exam, then the PTE exam is the right choice. Person Test of English tests the capability to speak, write, understand, and read English of an individual. And it is easier than the IELTS exam because of its structure and modules. A candidate can score well in PTE only if he/she practices under right guidance and study from right material.

PTE is a computer-based test for non-native English speakers to test their English language. Several accents and writing styles are accepted in the IELTS exam to minimize being partial.

Person Test of English is available only in academics I India.

Modules of Person Test of English

There are three modules in PTE as compared to IELTS:

1. Speaking & Writing:

Speaking and writing sections are compromised in one module; this section is one hour long and includes giving an introduction, repeating sentences, describing images, answering questions, and writing an essay.

2. Reading:

The reading section is 30 minutes long; it includes reading and writing answers of fill-in-the-blanks and multiple choice and re-ordering paragraphs.

3. Listening:

 The Listening section is 45 minutes long; it includes summarizing multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks, highlighting correct summaries, selecting missing words, and writing from dictation.

PTE young learner test

PTE young learner test

It is also available for children of age groups between 7 – 12; it is a PTE young learner test. PTE young learner test is more facile than PTE academics; it focuses on being fun and motivating for children.

There are four levels in PTE: First words, Springboard, Quick march, and breakthrough.

The first word is the highest level of the PTE young learner test.

The breakthrough is the last level of the PTE young learner test.

The lower levels test the ability of a child to understand and use English language structure.

The higher levels test the ability of a child to understand and use English language while communicating. 

PTE Applicability in Countries

PTE is acceptable in countries given below:

  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Croatia

How is PTE different from IELTS?

The reason why Person Test of English is easier than IELTS is given below:

Person Test of English (PTE)


Person Test of English is a computer-based test.

IELTS is both a computer and paper-based test.

Knowing the English language entirely is not required; knowing the tips and tricks can help to clear the PTE exam.

If you want to clear the IELTS exam, you need to be excellent in understanding and applying the English language.

PTE is acceptable in limited countries.

IELTS is applicable in every country.

There is only one type of Person Test of English exam available i.e. academic.

There are two types of IELTS exams available i.e.  academic and general.

There are three modules in Person Test of English. 

There are four modules in IELTS.

Steps to share PTE academics result with universities

Their are Steps to share for PTE academics result with universities are given below:

  1. Go to official website of Person Test of English personpte.com.
  2. Then Click on ‘View Result’ available on top of the menu.
  3. Click on ‘share score’ available on screen.
  4. Type the name of university or college in search dialog box the click on ‘search’.
  5. Search result will be available depending on your search option.
  6. Click on your desired university after it appears on screen.
  7. And Click on ‘next’ to confirm and share your score.

Steps to check PTE result?

Follow these Steps to check your Person Test of English result are given below:

  1. Go to official website of PTE personpte.com.
  2. Click on ‘View Result’ available on top of the menu.
  3. You need to login your account to check your result, if you don’t have an account click on ’create’, while creating an account you need to provide necessary details.
  4. After that you need to provide PTE identification number and other necessary details to get your result.

 And After this your result will be displayed, your result can also be downloaded or printed by clicking on that particular option.

How is Person Test of English score calculated?

The overall score calculation depends upon two factors that are:

  1. Communication skill
  2. Enabling skill

Communication Skill:

Communication skills focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing modules, the score range for communication skill is 10 – 90.

Enabling Skill:

Enabling skill focus on grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency and written discourse, the score range for enabling skill is 10 – 90.

For overall PTE calculation by adding all the scores of enabling skills then dividing them by 6, this will be further added in the scores of all communication skills and then divided by 4; this average is taken as overall score of PTE.

How PTE exam is conducted in India?

PTE exam is divided in 3 sections given below:

  1. Speaking and Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

PTE exam consist of 20 different types of questions which tests the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of candidate.

Speaking and Writing: this section is 54 – 67 minutes long.

Reading: this section is 29 – 30 minutes long.

 Listening: this section is 30 – 43 minutes long.

General FAQs of PTE

1. What is the full form of PTE?

The full form of PTE is Person Test of English.

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