Learnings and Updates

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Learnings and Updates

To be successful as commander YOU, you first need to learn about all the aspects of your areas of improvements and updates, then you must take action to become the new version continuously.

Don’t forget the only person who can make you successful is YOU and if you take a backseat in your life and career and don’t update yourself, then you have to let other people command your life and future.

In this brand new world, where things are rapidly changing in the blink of an eye and we all are witnessing the big and bold technology overpowering everything and everyone. In this scenario, how can we even imagine that what we have learned a few years back or in fact, a few months back is acceptable after a few months?

So, this chapter is based on the premise that in order to make life moving, and career-enhancing, we must learn from our past and identify what’s most important to us in the present, envision the future, and be ready to monitor how we are doing and what is next.
Actually, what is next should be the main thought process today for every human being as it is the time of Artificial Intelligence. The things our parents thought couldn’t be possible or even imagining those things is a waste of time, today’s generation is witnessing each and everything and using those things as they are the new necessities of life and no more luxury now. For eg. You can talk to a machine and it is responding back with every possible answer. Yes, I am talking about “Alexa” – a small little device that gives all the solutions, which were only available on search engines. You can just clap to switch on the lights in your room, you are placing your hand under a tap and the water is coming and now the next news is the cars, which are flying in the air.

So, to begin with, and gain more clarity on the same, let us start with all the learning from the past. You have to focus primarily on your previous experiences, both positive and negative, and analysis of all the learning and what you have achieved through those experiences.

Make a list of all good, average, or bad things that happened by understanding your past and how it is affecting your present, and how things are going to take shape for the future. It is a time taking process but one thing is for sure, you can plan, design, and shape your future by just analyzing if your past experiences or learning are not giving you fruitful results and you are not happy with your present status or career or life. In times of change, it is important for you to understand your current motivation and needs and how these may be affected by your past.

An important step before making a significant life change is to review your life experiences to date, understand your accomplishments and mistakes, thoroughly analyze your experience to discover patterns and trends, and bring your learning from the past to wear on the choices you have and the decisions you are making in the present.

I guarantee on the waves which you learn from your experience and you will be in a stronger position to make important decisions about where your life and career are headed next.

Another main factor to shape your own careers and your lives, you have to do regular self-assessments (take reference from the SWOT chapter) if you have already done that, I hope you have found it to be immensely rewarding and illuminating. In this principle, we discussed, what self-assessment is, why it is important, and the types of questions you need to explore through self-assessment.
This will serve as a strong foundation that you can use to clarify what’s important to you, for your future, career, and life decisions.

When you are making any career or life decisions, it is important for you to understand the factors that are most meaningful to you and that therefore should be present in any decision you make which is taking you in the right direction. Because as your life changes and progresses, as your experience builds and as you age, you may find your personal values, your habits, your routine, your belief system, those things that were the most meaningful to you, changing as well. Things that were important to you a few years back may not be as important today.

You have to make a list and write down the factors that are most important to you today, what matters the most, and what you can just ignore or close in a box for some time.

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